Gail's Handmade Refrigerator Magnets

(Everyday and Holidays)

Welcome to one of my homepages, below are my darling magnets that are handmade by me. Made from felt & fiberfill, each magnet is approximately 4" x 3" unless noted. Scroll down because I have added designs.

Price is 15.00 (includes 5 or 6 magnets per set) Postage is included unless international buyer. Please let me know and I will adjust the postage. My email address is Now for everyday magnets scroll down. Holiday Magnets click and I also have dishwasher sets & individual/single magnets please click.

JOLLY JUNK FOOD SET (Six magnets including, hot dog, hamburg with sesame seeds on the bun, a slice of pizza with green pepper,onions & mushroom, a taco with tomato and lettuce and finally french fries.)

FARM CRITTERS (Includes: brown and grey and white gruff billy goat, black and white contented cow, chubby pink pig, and red and white crowing rooster and hen)


CIRCUS CRITTERS (Includes: yellow and brown lion on a yellow and med. green pedestal, brown clown bear with me. greet hat and yellow and me green ruffled collar, grey elephant holding a yellow flag in his trunk, brown and yellow pony, and grey seal.) Trim colors on the animal to match a room, or trim in red, white and blue for the 4th of July are SPECIAL ORDER.


SWEET TEMPTATIONS (donut with yellow frosting, a yummy chocolate chip cookie, a delicous ice cream cone, a orange lollipop, cupcake with yellow frosting with a orange cherry and a slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting all are yummy.) These can be made to match the color of your kitchen SPECIAL ORDER.

VEGETABLE MAGNET SET ( includes a long green bean, a onion with a tear in its eye, a purple eggplant, a bright red tomato, a colorful carrot and my favorite yellow corn.)

SUNSHINE CRITTERS (includes black & yellow bumblebee with blue wings, black and yellow ladybug with black spots, a beautiful butterfly with orange and yellow wings, a green and yellow snail and a green with yellow strips caterpillar, all critters have black antlers made of of pipe cleaners)

FALL CRITTERS (includes brown and cream squirrel, black & white skunk, brown rabbit, brown and black raccoon and a brown fox with a bushy tail. Each fall critter is carrying a vegetable.

FRUIT MAGNET COLLECTION (includes ripe banana, red strawberry with yellow seeds, orange, six purple grapes with a bunch of squiggle eyes looking at you, a pear and a slice of watermelon complete with seeds.


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