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Welcome to my holiday refrigertor magnets website, below are my darling magnets that are handmade by me. Made from felt & fiberfill, each magnet is approximately 4" x 3" unless noted. Scroll down because I have added designs.

Price is 15.00 (includes 5 or 6 magnets per set) Postage is included unless international buyer. Please let me know and I will adjust the postage. My email address is Now for everyday magnets scroll down. Everyday magnet designs just click and I also have dishwasher sets & individual/single magnets please click.

VALENTINE DESIGNS (Five magnets including, two hearts all decorated with pink, red and white, a dove holding a heart in his beak, a boy and a girl all decorated.)

ST PATRICKS DAY SET (Includes: two lucky shamrocks, a pot of gold with coins and a boy and a girl dressed up for patty's day)


EASTER DESIGN SET (Includes two easter eggs all deocrated in blue and pink, a yellow duck and easter bonnet, a lovely bunny and lamb.)


HALLOWEEN CRITTERS (includes a scary pumpkin with a black cat peeking out from inside, a green frog, a black spider and a wise owl.)

CHRISTMAS CRITTERS ( includes five christmas animals each carrying a candy cane, a dog, cat, penguin, mouse and a black and white panda bear.)

CHRISTMAS TOYS SET (includes a toy soldier, a little girl holding a teddy bear, a brown christmas bear, a drun and a pony stick)


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