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The Surname of Jayne was a baptismal name, " The son of Jan, John., enormously popular in Europe. Variations of spelling: Jeane, Janes, Jaynes, Jane, DeJeane Arms-- Azure an Eagle Displayed OR Crest-- A swan wings endorsed devouring a trout all proper Motto-- Peace The Eagle depicted in the crest is emblematical of fortitude and magnanimity of mind. The Romans used the figure of and eagle for their ensign, and their example has been followed. It is the device of Russia, Austria, Germany and the United States.

Early History Source: Microfilm # 908660, Item 7

Book Call No  929.273 J337v  (http://www.familysearch.org)

Jayne Family History, John L. Vinke Guido de Jeanne: a general is the French Confederation, in the year 1154 was assigned to escort Henry the second to England and to secure Henry 1st the throne. For his service Guido was knighted and given the Manor of Kirkling in Cambridgeshire, England Guido grandson was Geoffrey de Jeanne and he was with Baldwin, Court of Franders about 1200-1204 that successfully obtains Jerusalum and contributed to Baldwin becoming King of Jerusalum. Geoffrey later made three pilgrimages to the Holy Land with his son Guy. This is were the escallop shells in the Coat of Arms that commentorates those events. Before his death, Geoffrey acquired the lands of Botalock in Cornwell through his wife the heiress of Sir Richard Penruddock.

Early Records Microfilm # 908660, Item 7                     Book Call No  929.273 J337v  (http://www.familysearch.org)

1327-1377          Robert Janes of Somerset, England
1499                   Thomas Jane, Bishop of Norwich
1539  Baptized:  Gabella, daughter of Robert Jan
1540                   Emme, daughter of Robert Janer
1548  Baptized:  William, son of John Jane at St Columb Major, 
1555                   John Janes
1606  Buried       a servant of William Jan
1805  Married     John Jaynes & Mary Cutts, St George's, Hanover 
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